Hello. I’m Michael.

I build technology that helps us be human, and communities that help us find harmony.

This website is a catalogue of my work. I made it to help us connect.

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I specialize in coaching, web design, and growth programs
Professional Coaching
I’ve coached 200+ people across Africa and N. America. I love helping people transform their worklives.
My coaching methods harmonize martial arts mentality with training in the science of learning.

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Web & UX Design
I build interactive websites that activate powerful, purposeful user experiences.

Plus I have dozens of tactics we can toy with to design loveable brands and products.
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Programs & Facilitation
I’ve built and led tech talent accelerators, high schools, and an elite startup simulations program.

I'm here to help you design and deploy onboarding, offsites, design sprints, and training programs.
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Unparalleled work ethic. Tremendous output. Freakishly adaptable. Always thinking different.
Founding CEO
Work output is immense. You have really helped the team with culture, behaviours and changing ways of working.
Chief Execitive
Cape Innovation & Tech Innitiative
Best known for helping other people unlock their super powers. Your active listening skills 💯
Writer, Director, Producer, Performer
Adoki Industries
You live out your deeply held belief that everyone and everything matters immensely. ❤
VP, Engineering Talent Supply
I would always come to you with a wacky idea and you would make it happen way better than I could have expected.
Main Office Manager
Foundation Academy
Your heart is huge. You “do” life with a nice balance of seriousness/hard work and humor/play.
My mom.
An amazing coach and learning designer! The experiences Michael designed form a big part of my daily work.
Sr. Global Growth Coordinator
An expanded awareness, allowing you to observe and interact with the world from a multi-dimensional approach.
44 on Long
Best facilitator in the company. Ride or die teammate. Utterly committed to the culture.
Founding President
*some quotes tweaked for brevity.

Discover my work.

I am an entrepreneur, designer, and coach. I’ve worked in tech, education, and policy in six countries across Africa and N. America.
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Green House
A card game for real climate solutions
Community Designer
2020 ← 2019
Wiser, healthier distributed teamwork
Discovery the power of purposeful play
2020 ← 2019
Limitless Harmony
A creative incubator for our new era
2020 ← 2019
Rozenborg Records
Wisdom of the podcast in hip hop format
2019 ← 2018
Cape Innovation & Tech Initiative
Africa's longest-running tech incubator
Learning Design Consultant
Paradigm shifting art series
Multimedia Artist
2020 ← 2018
Adventures of Captain Curious
Writing memoirs in a cabin in the woods
Hermit Author
Africa’s top remote tech teambuilder
Head of Design, Learning
2018 ← 2015
Phoenix Exchange
Community-based urban arts education
Lead Organizer
2015 ← 2014
Foundation Academy
Top performing inner-city high school
Head of Community Outreach
2014 ← 2013
Frederick Immigration Coalition
Immigrant support and action network
2013 ← 2012
The crown jewel of DC college radio
Talk Radio DJ
2012 ← 2008
MacFawn's Green Rides
Downtown pedicab rides and tours
Manager & Tour Guide
2010 ← 2008
Choe's Hap Ki Do
The martial art of power in harmony
Black Belt Instructor
2008 ← 2004
Rosenberg Lawn
My first baby business
🚜Lawn Artisan (& cat sitter)
2008 ← 2003
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> here are some websites I made :] _

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